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Gran Salvador Santos Single Origin Beans 500gr


Gran Salvador Santos Single Origin Beans 500gr

Santos is a Brazilian variety known for its sweetness and strong aromas of cocoa, juice, nuts, tea, tobacco, licorice and spices.

Single variety Arabica 100%
Package 500g in beans.

* The price includes the excise tax of coffee.



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Gran Salvador Santos Single Origin Beans 500gr


Paitoni family has been processing coffee since 1966 in Brescia, Italy. Gran Salvador blends are always from coffee varieties with origin and identity. The blends are processed in such a way that not only do you have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious coffee at the bar but also at home.

Homeland for the perfection of Gran Salvador leads the company to look for raw materials of exceptional quality and using as a tool the legacy left by the ancestors of the Paitoni family, creating every day exceptional coffee blends.

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