Cino Zoe Espresso Machine Nespresso Compatible White


Cino Zoe Espresso Machine Nespresso Compatible White

The Cino capsule machine is compatible with genuine Nespresso capsules * and of course with compatible ones sold under the brands of various companies, thus offering an extremely wide selection of mixtures. Available in black and white, Cino Zoe combines a compact design with great practicality, offering quality coffee at any time of the day or night.


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Cino Zoe Espresso Machine Nespresso Compatible White

Cino Zoe is a coffee machine that works with compatible Nespresso capsules * as well as compatible capsules from various other companies.

A wide range of options to choose from, so you can enjoy a quality espresso whenever you want, thanks to the convenience and practicality of using coffee capsules. The options cover the most intense flavors, from the most aromatic to the strongest variations of coffee …. ready to satisfy all aspects of the demanding palate.

Machine of Special Italian Design

With its simple and compact design and neutral colors, the Cino Zoe fits perfectly in any space, whether at home or at work. Its operation is surprisingly easy: simply place the capsule in the special Nespresso slot * on top of the machine by opening its special lid and pressing the coffee maker button. The water is placed in the detachable tank at the back of the machine. The capacity of 1 liter allows you to prepare up to 10 coffees with a single water refill.

According to the operation manual, the machine automatically activates the energy saver after a few minutes of inactivity. Maintenance is easy and fast, thanks to the removable components (drop collector and used capsule space). The only additional cleaning process is the desalination that should be carried out every three months or so of using the machine, which involves dissolving the detergent (liquid or powder) in the water tank and completing the complete desalination cycle.



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