Caffe Parana Extra Bar Premium Beans 1kg


Caffe Parana Extra Bar Premium Beans 1kg

Rich creamy coffee where notes of fruit, spices, chocolate and hazelnut are harmoniously combined offering us a combination of aromas and flavors.
Espresso Blend: Arabica 90% and Robusta 10%.
Package of 1kg beans.

The price includes the excise tax on coffee.


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Caffe Parana Extra Bar Premium Beans 1kg


Parana Caffe since 1960 with extensive experience in the coffee sector.
An excellent blend of coffee varieties that gives us the opportunity to try a quality espresso.
Parana espresso coffee won the first prize for best coffee at the MEDAGLIA D’ORO international competition in 2008, among 130 espresso coffee contestants and from the control of 30 international coffee tasters.

90% Arabica – 10% Robusta.
Italian espresso on bean.
Package 1kg.

Βάρος1 kg
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