Ascaso Mini i-2 Conical Metal Burrs Polish


Ascaso Mini i-2 Conical Metal Burrs Polish

The smallest grinder in the I series from Ascaso. The ultimate grinder for home use. Its small size does not sacrifice its professional specifications. This makes it ideal for professional use in places where many different espresso blends are used at the same time. With conical metal knives.


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Κωδικός προϊόντος: as-gr-i2 Κατηγορία:

Technical Specification:

  • Motor Power (W) 140
  • Rpm 1200
  • Blades ø Ø 38 Conical
  • Voltage (V) 230/120
  • Body quality Aluminum/ABS
  • Hopper capacity (g), 250
  • Ground coffee cap (g)
  • Net weight (kg/h) 3,5
  • Height/width/depth (mm) 310x125x230
  • Production (kg/h) 3
Βάρος3.5 kg
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