Ascaso Dream Ground Espresso Machine blue


1000 watts. 16 bar. Tank 1.3 lt. Ground Coffee – Paper Pod

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Ascaso Dream

The Dream machine has been described as “flexible” thanks to its ability to use ground coffee or espresso in an ampoule. This feature offers us a great variety in the way coffee is made. Ascaso Dream perfectly decorates any space and at the same time offers us the opportunity to prepare excellent quality espresso, coffee latte, cappuccino or mocha coffee. Machine suitable for ground coffee or paper pod.

Technical Information:

  • Power: 900 watts.
  • Boiler temperature 95c,
  • Steam temperature 140c.
  • Water tank capacity: 1.3 lt.
  • Heavy aluminum construction
  • Excellent design – It is one of the most beautiful espresso machines on the market. Dream has a heavy, brass boiler, brass espresso exhaust head and nickel-plated brass “portafilters”, which give us an excellent temperature distribution. Easy to use – With simple operation switches and temperature indicator, the Dream machine is one of the easiest to use home appliances on the market.
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Ascaso Dream Μηχανή Αλεσμένου Εσπρέσο Baby BlueAscaso Dream Ground Espresso Machine blue

Διαθεσιμότητα: 1 σε απόθεμα

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